Tikal Guatemala


Tikal Park represents one of the largest pre-Columbian sites archivológicos Maya civilization. The site is located in the northern region Péten. The park has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1979. They can go to the park of Tikal by bus, plane or private transport. The city of Tikal is located in the jungle of Péten. You can enjoy the tropical climate, fauna and flora.

The park of Tikal in Guatemala has 6 temples and other structures. Statistics about the population was performed. The city had more than 50 000 mayans and 120 000 Mayan during its heyday. The Mayan city of Tikal lived 800 years and more than 30 different kings succeeded. The founder of the city has been Yax Ehb ‘Xook the beginning of the first century.
Wildlife Park Tikal this diversified and can find animals such as jaguars, pumas, toucans, etc.

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